How do you play slingo?

Slingo can be played in one or more players. A player has 20 turns to “spin” the numbers below his bingo card. The single player is a hybrid of 75 ball bingo with a slot machine, combining the excitement of spinning reels with that of marking off numbers on a card.  When you jump into a game, you’ll see a 5×5 grid of numbers that resembles a 75 ball bingo card. The point is to complete the grid by matching numbers from the result of spinning the reels with numbers from the grid.

During the game, other special items may show up in the number spots below the card. Jokers are wild symbols and can be used to mark off any number in the column in which it appears. The Super Joker allows any number, anywhere on the grid, to be daubed. The Gold Coin awards points.  The Free Spin awards a free spin token that can be used to pay for one spin. The Devil symbol occasionally appears during the course of the game. If a devil appears in place of a number, the player’s score is cut in half.

During each game, a maximum number of spins is allowed and this is typically 20, but only the first 16 spins are free. The last four spins of the game must be bought using points. A player may use accumulated free spins instead of the fee, for any of the spins.

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